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Hamburg is a city of tourists and millionaires. It is called „Northern Venice“ due to a great number of canals and bridges. Having bought air tickets to Hamburg, you will get to a dream-city. Though the cost of air tickets to Hamburg is a bit higher than to other German cities, you should visit it by any means. Every year millions of tourists visit this city despite the difficulty to find cheap flights to Hamburg.

Hamburg is proud of being called the greenest city of Europe. There are many wonderful parks, gardens, shady alleys and genuine forests. In the center of the city there is Alster Lake. Water tourism is widely developed there. Hamburg attracts by its contrasts and ambiguity. For example, among sky-scrapers one can see the old church of St. Michael which was built in the baroque style. Close to modern shopping centers there is an authentic fish-market which is full of customers since early morning, many of whom are tourists.

Hamburg never sleeps. Those who like night life, will find entertainments to their taste – discos, casinos, elitist clubs – this all attracts young tourists. On Christmas Eve it can be difficult to get air tickets. Use Airego, it's easy to find cheap flights to Hamburg online. With our free flight comparison system you choose cheap flight to Hamburg.

Cheapest airlines to Hamburg (HAM)

KL14 £8 £17 £27 £296 £79 £
AB97 £27 £165 £15 £
AF387 £59 £
BA65 £737 £663 £26 £
SK29 £
U2183 £84 £80 £
LX80 £35 £
SWISS200 £
WX14 £70 £
Lufthansa104 £104 £
KLM92 £144 £139 £
BE329 £263 £587 £127 £
LH20 £163 £98 £64 £
CL136 £
SN63 £
EasyJet73 £86 £
British Airways110 £100 £
Air France279 £139 £
Brussels Airlines281 £
British Midland Airways289 £273 £
Lauda Air252 £
airberlin227 £127 £92 £

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