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Cairo is a real Pearl of the East. The locals worship ancient traditions and do not forget about the future. Cairo is the biggest city in Africa. The population of the city is 8 million people and the Cairo agglomeration is 18 million! It not only a huge capital, but it’s a big industrial, cultural and financial centre of Egypt. Every year the city is visited by millions of tourists. People from Europe, Asia and Africa buy tickets there. Lots of tourist and businessmen come to Cairo from the USA, Japan and Australia.

Cheap flights to Cairo are of great demand, with those who have their rest on seaside resorts in Egypt. Tourists are eager to buy tickets and visit this amazing city. Cheap flights to Cairo are offered by most air companies. Compare cheap flight to Cairo with Airego and get the lowest airline prices.

The main tourist attraction is of course the Pyramids. The Cheops Pyramid is a great architectural masterpiece which has survived through centuries. The mysterious Sphinx secures the shrine of the pharaohs. Cairo is the city of mosques. The most ancient are the Amr (7th century), Ibn-Tulun (9th century) and Al-Azhar (10th century). The Egyptian Museum has an amazing collection of antiques. You are welcome to buy the tickets!

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