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The capital of the Czech Republic is known as one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. It is on the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. But it is quite possible to find cheap flights to Prague, it is available for everybody. The price may vary depending on the season but in general air tickets to Prague are not luxury which you can’t afford. Cheap flights to Prague are of a special demand.

But Prague itself is really luxurious. It is a unique collection of historical monuments which represent different cultural trends and styles. The most famous landmarks are Vatslav Square, Carlov Bridge, Prazhsky Hrad, St.Vitt’s Cathedral, Powder Gates, old Jewish cemetery, Dancing House. Of special attraction are Lareta, the center of pilgrimage in Prague, and Petrzhyn ViewingTower which bears resemblance to the Eifel Tower.

Prague is famous for its high-quality night life. The most expensive and prestigious casinos of Europe open their doors to gamblers. Top-class restaurants coexist with small cosy cafes. Striptease shows which are truly amazing,are known as the best in the world. Use Airego, it's easy to find cheap flight to Prague online.

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